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The parish "Saint Great Martyr George the Victory Bearer" was established in 2008 by His Eminence Bishop Michael, following the decision made during the first Diocesan Assembly of the newly established Diocese of Australia and New Zealand. Father Ovidiu Anton Motofelea was appointed parish priest and was installed in the new parish on March 6, 2009. For the next 10 years, Holy Services took place in our parish in two locations rented in the city of Hamilton. On 15 and 16 of August 2019, at the Celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Martyrs Brancoveni: Constantin Voivod with his four sons, Constantin, Stefan, Radu, and Mathew, and vornic Ianache, by mercy and to the Glory of God, the parish bought its home in Matangi, Hamilton - a former Anglican Church built in 1933. Since March 2016, the parish priest has also been the Dean of New Zealand.

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